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My Quantum Energy 

EMF Protection by  Somavedic

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Protected Balanced Empowered !

What is Somavedic?

Somavedic is a non-intrusive device for your home, business, or workplace that significantly reduces the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.​

Now more than ever we depend on electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, tv’s, routers, and smart devices to do business, learn, and socialize everyday.

Prolonged exposure to 5G, WIFI, and all forms of EMF radiation can lead to health conditions that impact our daily life.

Chronic conditions caused by EMF radiation

  • Low energy levels
  • headaches
  • troubling focusing
  • sleep deprivation

Somavedic uses a special configuration of crystals to generate vibrations that neutralize electromagnetic waves. The result is the formation of a more natural energy field that harmonizes your body and the environment.

The goal is not to eliminate your use of electronics, it’s to find a way to continue using and enjoying technology while taking the necessary actions to reduce the adverse health effects. This happens from exposure right now and over time.

When Sonia and Marshall first discovered the Somavedic device they were really impressed. Within six short weeks, Marshall’s vision improved by 30%

Sonia experience better sleep and higher energy levels. Sonia’s headaches disappeared after working with the computer.

 Since then, they’ve had the pleasure of helping many of their friends and customers experience tremendously positive results from using Somavedic. Together, Soña and Marshall are thrilled to share the incredible health benefits that Somavedic offers with as many people as they can.

Somavedic devices work without you having to do anything at all. Once you plug them in, they emit balancing energy that helps you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Somavedic works to mitigate cellular damage from:

  • Exposure to mold, viruses, bacteria or other contaminants
  • Use of laptops, cell phones, ipads, tv monitors, routers
  • Living or working in close proximity to a cell phone tower

If your desire is to experience:

  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • More peace and overall calmness
  • Improved mood
  • Better sleep patterns

then protecting yourself from the negative consequences of EMF’s is a priority.