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My Quantum Energy 

EMF Protection by  Somavedic

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How does Somavedic Work?

Each Somavedic model is designed using a blend of precious and semi-precious crystals that are coordinated to create a harmonizing energy field that can reach 2,800+ square feet.

Benefits of crystals used in Somavedic devices

Tourmaline is among the most important healing crystals that are used because of it’s powerful protection against the effects of EMF radiation.

Helps with detoxification

Helps eliminate toxic metals

Supports the liver and kidneys

Rose Quartz Promotes deep inner healing

Opens the heart on all levels to promote self-love, friendship and romance

Has a calming effect on the mind 


Cleanses the aura and chakras

Helps alleviate stress & anxiety

Improves sleep.


Dissolves emotional blocks

Stimulates intuitive and psychic abilities

Removes stress and tension 1Benefits of crystals used in somavedic devices. 


Provides protection and promotes discernment

Regulates function of the adrenal glands

Brings in harmony

Somavedic provides protection to your health and overall well-being by neutralizing the negative impact of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, free radicals, mold, and geopathic stress.

What are EMFs

EMFs are emitted from the following sources:

4G/5G, WiFi

Cell phones, TV’s, iPads, Kindle E-Readers, Laptops

Smart Assist Devices: Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Electric Vehicles

Geopathic Stress and Curry and Hartmann Lines

Energetic forces exist on earth which affect our health both positively and negatively. Geopathic stress is used to describe the energies emanating from the earth which may cause ill health in human beings.

Hartmann Lines and Curry Lines are different kinds of electromagnetic earth currents that flow in a grid. Hartmann Lines are essentially rays that project straight up from the ground. 2

Curry lines run East to West and North to South. Apartments and high rise buildings can have several of these electromagnetic field lines actively flowing throughout a building which can cause adverse effects on your health.

Somavedic and Structured Water

Structured water is found in nature and within our cells. It has an optimal pH that is crucial to health and a specific power source that helps us stay maximally hydrated and healthy. Somavedic water structuring devices help your water regain its natural crystal structure, a healthy pH value, better energy flow, and oxidation reduction. To structure your water, fill a carafe with drinking water and place it next to either a Somavedic Medic Green Ultra or a Somavedic Atlantik device for at least 5 minutes.

My wife felt so much calmer and at ease within just a few days of using our Somavedic device. I believe every person should have this. ” ~ Bill Quateman International Director, Advanced BioCell