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My Quantum Energy 

EMF Protection by  Somavedic

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Somavedic

Read the testimonials to find out what customers are saying about our life-changing wellness device Somavedic!

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Client Testimonials

Read the testimonials to find out what customers are saying about European Products International in Sebastopol, California and our life-changing wellness device Somavedic!

RE: Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

“I first became aware of geopathic stress in the 1980s. At that time the focus was primarily on natural grid lines generated by the earth's natural electromagnetic fields. Within a few years radio frequencies were included as one of the major concerns for electric and magnetic field interference.

Twenty years later, I hired an EMF specialist to evaluate the EMF interference in my clinic. It turns out the router and cordless phones were emitting a broadcast as much as 30 feet away from the source! As a naturopathic doctor and wellness practitioner, I was very concerned with how this might interrupt my diagnostic procedures, and was keen to find a solution to neutralize any negative effects for both myself and patients.

Over the years, I tried numerous devices including stickers on phones, bracelets, necklaces, and even some clocks which claimed to minimize or cancel out EMF. Occasionally, I would come across one that seemed to work, but only when directly in the field or within a few feet of the field. However, with 5G now widely in use, the negative effects of EMF are substantially more far-reaching.

A patient of mine told me about Somavedic technology and brought a unit to the clinic one day for me to try. She mentioned it had a fairly large area of effect so I placed it about 30 feet from the router, the portable phone and a grid line near the entrance to my exam room. Using an applied kinesiology method, I tested the unit's efficacy and range in neutralizing any harmful EMF in my clinic and was astonished at the coverage it offered throughout the office.

At home I plugged in the unit next to my router. Sure enough, 40 feet away I could not detect any interference. The Somavedic had definitely removed the harmful effects of the EMF emitted from my home router!

Of all the devices I have examined over the past twenty years, I am convinced the Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is the most effective. At home, we sleep better and feel more rested. At the clinic, patients mention how comfortable they feel. There is a soothing energy present and as a practitioner, I feel my clinical evaluations are much more accurate.

I enthusiastically recommend the Somavedic Medic Green for the home and office in reducing the negative effects of EMF.”

- Norman E. Easley, ND

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